Best Putters for Seniors – Improve Your Golf

I am having a great time on the course as of late. Today I will be sharing with you the best putters for seniors out there. This is to ensure that you can share in the success I have been having too. Honestly I always enjoy my golf but recently there has been something extra special. I believe it has something to do with my putting which has come on leaps and bounds.It is an intricate part of the game but frankly something which many seniors are lacking in. This is as a result of poorly selected putters on behalf of the golfer. The problem does not begin there however. The information given out to senior golfers is vague and confusing. Seniors cannot select the same club as everyone else because their bodies have a different requirement than the average golfer. They are at increased risk of injury and thus need a club which is more supporting.

This is where I come in. I am here to clear up any questions that senior golfers may have about selecting the right club. This includes putters as well. Putting is the last piece of the puzzle before the ball reaches the hole. Without a good putter your whole golf game will suffer. With the right putter, you will finally be able to play the game to the level you are capable of. Not only that but it is much more pleasant when putting becomes a joy instead of a chore. This is something I have noticed when I got a club perfectly suited to my needs. Today I will be showing you the putters that are best suited to senior golfers.

Best Putters for golfers

The Best Putters for Senior Golfers

My #1 Pick – Odyssey Tank Cruiser 1 Wide Blade Golf Putter

The Best Putters for Senior GolfersThis is a stunning looking putter that is great to watch in action. It has been designed with the inclusion of adjustable mechanics. The head weights come in three different loads – these are 365g, 375g and 385g. There are also weights which provide a counterbalance to these – coming in loads 5g, 10g and 15g. Any combination of adjustable weights and counterbalance weights can be made to create the most preferred stroke possible. This will differ for each player and the important thing is the option to change and customize based on preference.

The grip has been extended to 15 inches in this model. This will allow a greater range of flexibility when it comes to grip location. It will also ensure that errors are reduced when it comes to making those vital puts. Consistency is more apparent than ever before due to the fresh White insert. This feature provides a constant feel for each put which makes it easier to improve your game.

The Odyssey Tank Cruiser 1 Wide Blade Golf Putter is a fantastic club which comes highly recommended from Best Golf Clubs for Seniors.

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Majek K5 P-202 Golf Putter Right Handed Sabertooth Claw 

putters for senior golfers reviewThis putter comes fully equipped with two saberteeth for good measure. These are not for show however. They have a purpose to enhance your putting ability to where it should be. A great addition with this club is the headcover which comes free in a lovely black finish. For all golfers including seniors, accuracy is essential with a putter. This is accommodated well with this club due to the aiming channels. These aid in positioning the player better to allow for increased shot accuracy. With every shot the correct face angle will be shown due to the high level of contrast alignment.

The colour scheme was chosen with performance in mind. The extreme contrast of the black and white means that all distractions are avoided. This colour scheme ensures that attention will be put on what matters and no where else. It ensures pure focus when attempting those crucial putts when needed the most.

I have to say the Majek K5 P-202 Golf Putter Right Handed Sabertooth Claw is a truly fantastic putter. Score cards will become much more pleasant to look at with the introduction of this putter. It is a great fit for any senior golfer on the lookout for a new putter.

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Majek K5 P-204 Golf Putter Right Handed Mallet Bullet Style

senior golf putterThis is another great putter from the makers at Majek. This time the style is slightly different with a mallet bullet style instead of the sabertooth style in the previous one. The most important thing is what you will be most comfortable looking down on while putting. Whichever one that may be then I would advise to go with that one. 60% of those on tour are using a blade but honestly that shouldn’t concern the average senior golfer much at all. What we should be interested in is our individual preferences. It is all about getting the most out of our own clubs after all.

Mallet heads are usually heavier which means there will be a greater Moment of Inertia (MOI) and faster ball speeds. This is apparent in the Mallet bullet style weighing 367g compared to the sabertooth claw style weighing 366g. Just to make sure I will repeat again that this does not necessarily make it better.  What you are most comfortable playing with is the biggest factor. This putter comes with all the amazing features the sabertooth design does. This includes the contrasting colours and aiming channels for heightened accuracy.

The Majek K5 P-204 Golf Putter Right Handed Mallet Bullet Style is a fantastic club. If you like how it looks and the sound of its specifications then it would be great fit for you.

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Best Putters for Seniors – Improve Your Golf

These are the top 3 putters out there currently for senior golfers.I hope you found the right putter for you. My job is to make your life easier by using my decades of experience to select the best clubs for your viewing. Here is a great video I found on getting the perfect putting set up for golf.

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