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With the dawn of the internet has come such a wealth of information that it is easy to get lost in it all. There is great benefit as we have access to such high quality information whenever we like. Finding great products such as Wilson golf clubs for seniors is one of those benefits. There are also some downsides as some people use it give out bad information. Golf is no stranger to this. Just like every other popular sport there are those who try to convince people they need products when they do not. Thankfully at Best Golf Clubs for Seniors we aim to give out the highest quality of information available.

We only recommend the highest quality equipment that you actually need here. Senior golfers need to be taking extra care of themselves on the green which means selecting the right club for them. To continue playing the game we all know and love, we must be smart about our decisions. Seniors are more vulnerable to injuring themselves and so getting a correctly fitted club is key. Due to decreases in shot distances from weakening muscles it is also key to get a club with an appropriate flex. If the distance you hit your driver is less than 200 yards then you will benefit from a senior flex. A flex that does not match your swing will result in an incorrectly aligned club face. This will cause shots that veer off-target.  With the selection of equipment such as Wilson golf clubs for seniors, you will be well on your way to keeping your game at a high standard and staying injury free at the same time.

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Senior Wilson Golf Clubs

My #1 Pick – KICK X GOLF Blast Driveway with Graphite Shaft 12.5 Degree

senior wilson golf clubsEvery senior needs a good driver to start them off on the right foot. This club is the perfect mixture of both accuracy and distance. Too many times you see clubs sacrifice one for the other when it is unnecessary. The Kick X Golf Blast Driveway gets it absolutely right with perfect balance of each. It is common to see similarities of a 3 wood when aiming for accuracy. The sweet spot has been enlarged for this model to be new and improved. This has the benefit of creating enhanced forgiveness across the face of the golf club.

Straight shots will become a more familiar sight when using this club. Forgiveness was given great attention which will be great news to seniors who are seeking to enjoy a more well rounded game. Two compression chambers are contained in the inner layer of the head. This relays pressure and excels the force delivered. The result is greater distances with each drive. This is a key benefit to achieving your best potential in golf.

The KICK X GOLF Blast Driveway is a fantastic golf club for all senior golfers. I would recommend it to all seniors who want a high quality driver for their set. It has deserved its top spot on the best Wilson golf clubs for seniors.

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Wilson Staff Men’s D200 Golf Fairway Woods

golf clubs senior wilsonAs you can see this Fairway comes with a beautiful red finish on a stainless steel clubhead. The benefits do not stop there however. The technology is first class as well. The Right Light Technology gives users the freedom to raise their swing speeds without having to exert any more energy, This is a result of improved club design which has lead to greater efficiency.

The stainless steel design is not merely for aesthetics. The inclusion of this on the face allows a sleek and highly effective face to be created. With this, longer distances will be clear once you adjust to the new club. Each area of the clubhead is curved for a diverse range of playing effects. This has the effect of making this Fairway Wood one of the most versatile on the market. It is a strong tool to have in your arsenal of clubs for any course.

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Wilson Staff Men’s D200 Golf Hybrid

golf clubs for seniors wilson

This is a truly special hybrid club.The Wilson Staff Men’s D200 Golf Hybrid has a club which has impressed me a lot. It is no surprise then that it made the list of the best Wilson golf clubs for seniors. It is packed full with tons of features to give its users a cutting edge. There is a greater degree of bulging on the head which has lead to more powerful transitions from high-loft heads to less stronger-lofted heads. The club face was crafted with a highly specialized formula. Every benefit has been given to the club to provide it’s user with the best playing experience possible.

One standout feature is the raised forgiveness with the club. This will aid your shots by minimizing the effects of the off-hit ones. Together this creates a great environment for seniors who want to maintain a level of great play.

The Wilson Staff Men’s D200 Golf Hybrid is a club I would highly recommend for all seniors seeking a Hybrid club. It is both versatile and very effective at what it is supposed to do.

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Wilson Golf Clubs for Seniors – the Best Of

Here is  a great video I found on how to strike your irons perfectly. Check it out and practice it next time you are on the course.

I hope you enjoyed this and we will talk soon.

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