Titleist Golf Clubs for Seniors

Playing golf as a senior is a wonderful experience. Titleist Golf Clubs for Seniors can make it even better. Every time you leave the course after spending the day playing is never a day wasted. There is always something new to learn and put into practice. It was only last week when I discovered my preferred new putting technique over the old one. This is just a simple example of how playing golf is a never ending learning experience, the way it should be.

To ensure we can keep learning and improving our game, safety and ease of use should be our top priority when selecting a golf club. As a senior I know how important this is because I have been injured in the past because of poor club selection. Since then I have learnt my lesson and I only use the best suited clubs for me. The truth is my body as a senior is not what it used to be. Due to reduced flexibility and muscular strength it cannot handle the same stresses as it did in the past. That is OK however because there have been clubs designed especially for seniors. These clubs adapt to the playing styles of seniors and accommodate their ability. This is just what we need to keep on the golf course for longer and continue enjoying ourselves.

Titleist Senior Golf Clubs

Titleist Senior Golf Clubs

My #1 Pick – Titleist AP1 716 Wedge 52 Deg Kuro Kage Graphite A Senior Flex

This is one of the best wedges I have seen in a long time. It is a great choice for seniors who want to achieve the greatest amount of distance without sacrificing any level of forgiveness. Approximately one quarter of all golf shots are played with a wedge. With this statistic in mind it is clear that some thought should be given when selecting a wedge.

Senior players will benefit from using this club in a number of ways. Firstly, they will notice immediately the fast but controlled feel of the club. The launch is topclass as well as the fine distances which can be made with each shot. Accuracy is also an extremely vital component of any wedge. This is displayed here with the precise flight of the ball with every shot. The center of gravity (CG) comes into alignment with the position of impact on the clubhead.

Overall the Titleist AP1 716 Wedge 52 Deg Kuro Kage Graphite A Senior Flex is a great choice for any senior on the lookout for a new wedge. Any seniors friends or family members would also benefit from the impressive features of this club.

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Titleist 915 H Hybrid

A hybrid club is the combination of a long iron and a fairway wood. It is truly the best of both worlds as it accommodates for all types of senior players. This club comes with a graphite shaft. This has the effect of decreasing the weight while still raising the distance. For seniors this is a feature that will benefit their game well.

The careful design of this club ensures that there will be even less ball spin than a fairway wood while still creating more spin than an iron. This is due to the careful design from Titleist which compliments any seniors game. The high level of forgiveness allows for more shots to be hit from difficult angles. With this club you will notice how well it handles shots that are not hit exactly on the sweet spot. This stunning hybrid also gives impressive distances with each shot. Combine this with the 24 degrees of launch and this is a hybrid club worth paying serious attention to.

The Titleist 915 H Hybrid is an excellent club truly worthy of making the list. It is sure to add that bit of something special to your bag. It is one of the top Titleist golf clubs for seniors.

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Titleist Golf Driver, 913 D3 Series, Mitsubish Diamana D+ 72

Every golfer needs a great driver. Without it there will always be something missing from your game. If you feel like you need an upgrade then this Titleist driver could be the one for you.A stand-out feature noticeable straight away is the dial-in launch conditions. The spin settings go along excellently with this. This is a result of the surefit tour hosel system which gives  the club a level of complete performance.

The face is crafted with a varying degree of thickness. This has the effect of enhancing the point of contact with the club and generating huge distances. If this has been something you have struggled with in the past then this driver could be a great fit for you. It has been designed to increase swing speeds as a result of the careful expanded face area. One thing that is obvious is the degree of consistency that can be seen with this driver. Gone are the days of not knowing where your shot is going to land.

The Titleist Golf Driver 913 D3 Series, Mitsubish Diamana D+ 72 is a club I strongly support.

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Titleist 913H 24* Hybrid (Bassara SENIOR) Rescue Golf Club

This is another hybrid to make the list today. It is filled with very appealing features to enhance every seniors game. The CG has been adjusted to an improved location. This creates an environment for increased distances. On top of this is the effect of decreased spin which is particularly helpful on a hybrid club. The customization options are wide ranging due to the inclusion of a sole weight which can be adjusted. This allows for the player to perfect their shot to their individual needs, a fantastic feature.

The adjustment capabilities don’t end there however. The launch, spin and trajectory can all be fine tuned to provide the optimum environment to getting the most out of your clubs. The loft can also be dialled in to give the player various choices. The decision on what to do with launch, spin and trajectory is down to the player. The beautiful black design of this hybrid club is something that stood out to me from the start.It will look great on the course that is for sure.

The Titleist 913H 24* Hybrid (Bassara SENIOR) Rescue Golf Club is a great club that comes highly recommended.

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Titleist Golf Clubs for Seniors

I hope you enjoyed today’s post I know I had a great time writing it. Here is a very informative video on how to hit a hybrid golf club.

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  1. Golf does seem to be very popular among seniors, I am getting older myself and I have considered taking up the game of golf in the future.

    Golf seems to be a very competitive and healthy game to get involved with during your senior years, the golf clubs you share look very high quality.

    1. Thanks for commenting Jeffrey. Golf is a great game to get involved in as a senior. I only share the best and highest quality golf clubs for seniors.

  2. Golf seems an interesting subject, personally not having vast experience on the subject but to say I do really like your subject though. The information really does help the novice or advanced user handle this scene and you seem to put the user in this position which I like. Couple that with detailed comparisons, this really gives the user the clear idea from the get go.


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