Senior Flex Golf Club Shafts

The golf club is a beautiful piece of equipment, some would even say a work of art! Senior flex golf club shafts are an integral part of this. However you may view it, we can all appreciate a golf club consists of a number of different parts. These are namely the grip, hosel, ferrule, clubhead and last but not least the shaft. You can read more about these other equally fantastic parts here and here. Each part of the club serves a specific purpose. The purpose of the grip is to keep the hands in position and prevent them slipping when hitting the ball. The hosel is the neck of the clubhead and is where the shaft is inserted into. Another part, the ferrule is purely there for looks to complete the package. The clubhead is where the club makes contact with the ball. It is the heaviest part of the club and made from various metal materials such as titanium and steel.

Finally we have the shaft. The shaft acts as an aid to extend the arms for better performance. It can be made of either steel or graphite to control the clubhead. The choice of either depends on a number of factors. Steel shafts are heavier and are stiffer with less ability for torque. Graphite shafts are lightweight with a greater ability for torque. The benefits of this result in greater swing speeds. Vibration upon impact is reduced which is a real help for those golfers who mis-hit shots more than usual. Graphite shafts are a great choice for seniors who have higher handicaps. Flex is also another important factor to consider when choosing a shaft. The slower the swing speed the less stiff the shaft will need to be. Choosing senior flex golf clubs shafts will be the perfect fit to your golf playing.

Senior Flex Golf Club Shafts

Golf Club Shafts for Seniors

My #1 Pick –New Integra I-Drive Hybrid Golf Club #7-31° Left-Handed With Graphite Shaft, U Pick Flex

senior flex golf club shaftsThis club comes fully equipped with senior flex golf club shafts installed. It is available in graphite to suit everyone’s needs. A decrease in swing speed should not hold you back. With the right flex and shaft, there is no reason you an’t continue to score well on the green. The clubhead is made of a solid stainless steel material with a stylish red finish  to complete the look.

The features available on this club ensure that high levels of accuracy will be achieved. This hybrid will give you just the right distance you expect, allowing you to plan every shot to perfection. The New Integra I-Drive Hybrid Golf Club is a club worth having. Not only is it high performing but it is also a joy to play with.

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Orlimar Golf ZXP Tri-Metal Pro Senior Edition Irons set

These are a set of irons that captured my eyes immediately. They come in different sizes starting at cadet and continuing on wards to regular, tall and finally at extra tall length. No matter what size you choose they are all available with senior flex and graphite shafts for your playing needs. The set of irons all come with a stainless steel clubhead which will ensure you get the distance you want on the course.

The design of these clubs has allowed for a very low center of gravity (CG). This has the effect of providing great lift with each shot. Along with this feature is the inclusion of a 70g weight. This gives the clubhead plenty of power and drive for high launch capabilities. Each iron club in the set also comes equipped with specially designed Orlimar Grips by the manufacturer GolfPride. These will ensure hand placement is correct with each swing of the club.

The Orlimar Golf ZXP Tri-Metal Pro Senior Edition Irons set comes highly recommended by Best Golf Clubs for Seniors. With a one year warranty guaranteed there is no reason why these can’t belong to any senior who wants a new set of irons.

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KICK X GOLF Blast Tough Lie Hybrid Club with Graphite Shaft 

best golf club shafts seniorsThis is a hybrid club which has stood out for a long time now. It is a great fit for seniors looking to improve their game while not breaking the bank in the process. The sweet spot on the club face is expanded due to the compression chamber. This will make good shots more frequent and miss-hits less of an issue. This club is easy to adjust to from any manufacturer as has a familiar pattern of swing to all senior golfers. It is best suited for challenging shots near or on the fairway due to it’s ability to adjust for difficult lies.

The CT grooves have been designed to be intently oversized which will allow the clubhead to be kept straight no matter the conditions. Their is also reversible rails to give you the option hit with or without them. This is because of the transfer between hitting from the tee or from the regular fairway. The KICK X club is covered with a beautiful white design to give it that extra appeal.

The KICK X GOLF Blast Tough Lie Hybrid Club with Graphite Shaft is a great club. I have no doubt it will serve any senior well in their golfing adventures. It makes the Senior Flex Golf Club Shafts list that much better.

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Senior Flex Golf Club Shafts – the Best Of

I hope you enjoyed this post because I know I had a lot of fun writing it. This was intended to show how important it is to get the right shaft if you take your golf seriously. Even if you just enjoy playing that’s fine as well. You will enjoy it a lot more when you’re hitting shots further and more accurate than ever. Senior flex golf club shafts are an essential component of the club. They should be among the top of your list when creating a checklist for buying a new club.

I hope you will share this with a friend or family member who may not have known the value of senior flex golf club shafts before. The more knowledge we can spread among us golfers the better in my opinion.

Here is a great video on finding your perfect flex, enjoy!

Talk soon,

– Peter

P.S Leave a comment down below to let me know what you think. What is your preferred flex?

6 thoughts on “Senior Flex Golf Club Shafts”

  1. My dad is an avid golfer, he is also a hard person to shop for.
    However after reading your thoughts on the New Integra I-Drive Hybrid Golf Club. I think I have found his Christmas gift from me this year!
    Thanks for all the info, I will be bookmarking your page for a return visit in the near furture.

    1. Hi Brendon and thanks for the comment. That is great news I am happy to have helped you with your fathers Christmas gift! He will love it I am sure.

  2. I recently played a round of golf with my 80-year-old uncle. His footwork needs lots of help and he’s got the shallowest backswing I’ve ever seen.
    I believe the clubs he brought to the course were obtained at a garage sale.
    We played a course where every hole was par-3 (some over 200 yards though) and he did manage a legitimate par on one of the shorter holes but for the most part, he was scoring 7+ on every hole.
    Do you think using a set of flexible clubs would improve his game?

    1. Hi and thanks for the comment. Seeing as he got the clubs at a garage sale I absolutely do think he would benefit from a better suited senior golf club. I am sure he would see much better scores if he done this.

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