Ping Golf Clubs for Seniors

The world of golf is ever changing with improvements coming all the time. One of the greatest areas for gains can be seen in golf clubs. Ping golf clubs for seniors is one of the best brands at the moment for putting seniors at the heart of their work. A lot of things go into making a good club which ticks all the boxes. This is especially the case for senior golfers who require specific inclusions if they are to keep playing golf and having fun while doing so. Believe me, I know what it feels like to play with poor quality clubs. It left me feeling beat up and scoring poorly on the course. After that I learned my lesson and vowed never to go back.

When choosing a golf club as a senior, you should keep a few important things in mind. Our muscles tend to weaken with age and our flexibility declines along with it as well. This results in seniors having reduced swing speeds compared to younger golfers. We can take all the precautionary measures possible but this is a fact of life. It is better to have the knowledge of this than be blind to it. Once we become aware of this we can then begin to make changes that will improve our quality of life on the course. Thankfully there are senior flex golf club shafts which have a more flexible shaft. These are for golfers with a swing speed between 75-90mph which most senior golfers would fall into. Senior golfers would also see huge improvements with larger sweet spots on their club. This is the zone on the center of the club which gives the greatest distance. Along with this, it is also the area with the lowest center of gravity on the club. This has the effect of propelling shots further into the air along with shots reaching further down the green. These benefits allow senior golfers to maintain their playing ability along with making the least alterations in their technique as possible.


Ping Senior Golf Clubs

My #1 Pick – Ping G 5 Hybrid 26

ping senior golfersThis club has made it to number one on the list because of all the incredible features it offers senior golfers. The inner sole of the club is tiered in such a way so that it gives greater distances. The ball will rebound off the face of the club due to it’s expert engineering.

The crown has been thinned to achieve a lower and further back center of gravity. This will benefit senior golfers very well as decreased spin and more accuracy will be clear. On the top of the clubhead the added Turbulator Technology can be seen. These alternating grooves look great but have a function as well.They aid the golfer in aligning shots which allows each shot to be aligned perfectly every time.

Overall the Ping G 5 Hybrid 26 is an amazing club and I highly recommend it to other seniors who are seeking to improve their game.



Ping G Series Sf Tec Right-Handed Driver

ping senior golf clubsThis is one of my favourite drivers at the moment. The newly crafted Dragonfly Technology is weight saving all across the club. In fact, it manages to save a total of 8 grams which is fantastic news to all senior golfers out there. It enables the centre of gravity (CG) to be lower and further back as well as the perfect combination of having a high launch and low spin conditions. The driver has an iconic sound at impact due to the strong Ti 8-1-1 body. A problem many seniors have is reduced swing speeds. The Vortec Technology decreases turbulence throughout the downstream. As a result swing speeds are improved which is especially good for senior. Not only that but it also gives greater control along with improved forgiveness.

This stunning driver has been designed with the weight shifted nearer to the heel. This creates a shot that bends from right-to-left. Known officially as Straight-Flight Technology, it helps to direct the ball onto the fairway with ease. There is a 37% reduction during the time when the club comes into contact with the clubhead. This produces more ball speed which translates over to longer distances on the green. No matter what your swing speed is currently, improvements are possible with the help of this driver. One thing I love about this club is the simplicity of making adjustments to it. Launch conditions can be dialled in for the perfect shot every time. There are five different settings so you know there is always one suited to your needs. This is reinforced by the alterations taking place on a 7075 hosel sleeve made of strong aluminium.

The Ping G Series Sf Tec Right-Handed Driver is truly a one of a kind club. If you are looking for a new driver then I would seriously consider adding to your set.



Ping G25 7 wood 21

ping golf clubsWith this fairway wood there is a lower placed lead edge which makes propelling the ball into the air easier. The face can go under the ball to a higher degree which means it makes impact higher up the face.  It has a carpenter 455 face which means it has a rough finish between the grooves. This reduces spin by 200rpm which will benefit seniors greatly. It is over double the strength of 17-4 stainless as well as being designed with the intent to reduce weight in all areas. The ability for the club to flex is enhanced to it’s maximum potential. This allows the club to produce the fastest speeds possible all along the face.

The internal sole is built on various levels which reduces the stress upon impact. This is due to the effect of pooling which involves the whole face when flexing takes place. The transfer of energy is maximised so that ball speeds are faster and also reach further than other fairway woods.

The Ping G25 7 wood 21 is an amazing club which is well suited to the senior golfers game. It has deservedly claimed its spot on the list.



Ping G Series Crossover

ping golf clubsDue to the demands of modern golf, ping have designed a new category of golf club named the “Crossover”. This club takes the best from the iron and hybrid and molds them into one. From the iron you get reliability, stability and the ease of control that comes along with it. From the hybrid you get high levels of velocity and forgiveness. This true innovation in club craftsmanship has come packed with tons of features which make it a hot item in the world of golf.

Senior golfers will experience the true benefits of the crossover club. The internal sole forms a cascading system which relays force in a balanced manner all across the clubhead. Another key benefit of this is all parts are utilized when the club flexes at impact. This produces maximum distance on the green. The low weight of the club means that forgiveness always performs highly.

To conclude, the Ping G Series Crossover is a club well suited to senior golfers. It will help with their game immensely.



Senior Ping Golf Clubs

Thank you for reading today’s post. I hope you enjoyed reading it because I know I did while writing it. As a senior myself, I love helping others with their golf and since starting Best Golf Clubs for Seniors, I have been able to do just that.

It is Saturday currently so I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend. Here is a great video I recently found on “3 Keys for Senior Golfers”. In my opinion this is a really good video with great information for all the senior golfers out there. Next time you are on the course try and practice these techniques to improve your game. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be trying to learn and grow your golf game no matter what age you may be.

Talk soon,


P.S Did you enjoy today’s post? Leave a comment to let me know what you think. What is your favorite club to play with and why?

6 thoughts on “Ping Golf Clubs for Seniors”

  1. Good afternoon Peter,

    Oh my, reading your post my hands got itchy. I would love to take a Ping club and go out there again. My last game was in October 2011. Due to the crisis, I was not able to continue playing. Time passes and now I am a senior. I live on the Costa del Sol in the south of Spain. There are masses of nice golf courses to chose from. I think it is about time to pick up again, especially as I now have a partner who is also interested. I certainly will keep your recommendation in mind for us oldies.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Hello and thank you for commenting. That is unfortunate about being unable to play golf for a period of time. However I am glad you can again and I would encourage you to take up the opportunity, especially since you are in such a beautiful part of the world! 

      1. Good evening Peter,

        Thank you for replying to my comment.
        Yes, I definitely would like to play a round of golf to check if I can still hit far with my driver. Probably have to do some warming up exercises first to get the stiff muscles supple again. Many visits to the driving range and probably also some lessons. I hope it will be soon.
        The area where I live is blessed with good weather nearly the whole year around and there are many beautiful courses to chose from.

        Regards, Taetske

  2. Hello again Taetske. Yes you may have to do some practice again but I believe it will all be worth it when you can begin playing the beautiful game we all know and love!

  3. I am 60 and my swing speed has slowed down to about 80-85…I am considering buying Ping G Irons with the “soft regular” steel shaft…would these clubs be good for slower swing speed…I am about a 15 handicap from mid tee box…thanks

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