How to Clean Your Golf Clubs

It is all well and good having a set of golf clubs but cleaning them is a different story. In this post we will be talking about how to clean your golf clubs! What is the point in having amazing clubs if they are covered in dirt? Golf is played on grass so the ball can land anywhere which is why I will be showing you the best way to clean your golf clubs. The weather can also have an impact on the condition of your clubs as well. The end result can easily lead to golf clubs which are in serious need of some TLC.

This is why cleaning your clubs is so vital. They are a reflection of you and how you respect your belongings. Surely then we want to present our clubs in the best possible manner. To do this we need to be consistent with our cleaning habits. By doing so, we can have golf clubs that we can actually be proud of.

There are many different ways to clean your golf clubs. The choice is up to you based on individual preference. Today we will go over how to clean your clubs yourself. There are also differences in how to clean your golf clubs depending on the type of club being used.

How to clean your golf clubs – irons and wedges:

  • You are going to want to get a bucket, warm water, washing up liquid, towel and an old tooth brush.
  • Next mix the water and the washing up liquid to create a nice warm soapy mixture. Ensure that the water is high enough to immerse the club head but not higher than the ferrules.
  • The ferrule is present on Irons and some golf woods. It is the part that covers up where the shaft enters the hosel. We went over the hosel and the club head in greater detail here.
  • Be wary that the water is not too hot. This could risk loosening the ferrule. If this does happen then check if the club head feels secure. If it doesn’t feel secure then you will need to go to a club repair shop to get it fixed.
  • If the club head still feels secure even when you hit the ball with it then all that needs to be done is to re-secure it with some epoxy glue.
  • After that is done dip the dirty club head into the bucket.
  • Then scrub the club head with the tooth brush as this will clean the grooves. This is especially important with irons and wedges as they are needed to put backspin on the golf ball. Clean grooves also help remove grass and water from the face of the club head. This will allow the optimum amount of backspin to be given to the ball as there will be greater surface area.
  • Back spin is necessary to help the ball stay on the green on your approach shots.
  • Next dip the club head back in the water to remove all remaining dirt. After it has been removed dry the club head with a towel. This will ensure that the mud does not dry to the golf club.
  • This process should be repeated with all of your clubs.

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Grip cleaning is essential if you want to know how to clean your golf clubs

  • To clean the grips of your golf clubs all you are going to need is a towel and some water.
  • This time we don’t want any soap as this will leave a residue which cause the grip to lose its effectiveness.
  • Wipe down the grip with the wet area of the towel.
  • After all the dirt is removed simply dry them with the dry area of the towel.
  • Repeat this for all of your clubs.

How to clean your golf clubs – driver, fairway, hybrid and putter

To clean your driver, fairway, hybrid and putter they don’t need submerged in water. All that needs done to clean them is to dip them in and out of water or simply clean them with a wet towel. As always ensure to dry them completely afterwards.

Ouilla! You now have a set of perfectly clean golf clubs. This will enable you to enjoy playing golf at its best and look good while doing it.

Thank you. Until next time,

– Peter

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6 thoughts on “How to Clean Your Golf Clubs”

    1. Thanks for the comment Matthew. Yes some people do that but they are really putting themselves at a disadvantage. The clubs will lose value and it really isn’t beneficial.

  1. Golf is not a sport I play. Even though I tried it once, many years ago. However, I never really though that they should be cleaned and if so, that there was a proper way and an incorrect way to clean them. Very informative post.



    1. Thanks for the comment Kevon. There are a lot of misconceptions with golf and the maintenance of clubs. By taking care of them you can save money in the long run.

  2. Clean tools say a lot about yourself. It is also much more pleasant to get started with beautiful shiny Golf Clubs to start the game. It must be stimulated also positivism and spirit and sure helps winning the game.

    1. Thanks for the comment Philip. Yes golf is great to play with your friends. It is also great at reducing stress and producing positivity as you say.

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