Hosel for Golf Clubs and Head Covers-Golf Clubs

Hello again at Best Golf Clubs for Seniors! Last time we talked about the grip and shaft in great detail. We went over the specifics of what to look out for as a senior whether you are a man or a woman. In this post we will be talking about the hosel for golf clubs and head covers-golf clubs.

Throughout the last post we emphasized how important it is to get the right golf clubs for you. There will be a greater benefit when you avoid trying to get the exact clubs that a professional has.

Today we move onto talking about the hosel for golf clubs and head covers-golf clubs. These are two parts of the golf club which are just as important and deserve equal attention if you are trying to maximize your golfing ability. To enjoy golf the way it should be, let us begin.

 Senior Golf Clubs All Have a Hosel

The hosel connects the shaft to the club head so you can think of it as a connector of sorts.The hosel for golf clubs and head covers-golf clubs are two essential parts. The lie angle is also controlled by the hosel. If you are wondering what the lie angle is then don’t worry. This is the angle formed between the center of the shaft and the sole of the club when the club is soled in its playing position.

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golf clubs hosels

Lie angles range from mid-50s in drivers to mid-60s in short irons. The exception is putters which can have a lie angle which reaches into the 70s. Why are lie angles so important you may ask? Well it is because they control the accuracy of golf shots. Senior golf clubs need a hosel that suits their needs.

The problem arises when players use the wrong clubs for their swing or body type (height and arm length). The end result is a decreased golf performance with costly strokes. Lie angles fit into three different categories:

  • Standard lie – This is the lie of what a typical golf club has
  • Flat lie – When the lie angle is lower than the standard angle (shaft needs bent to decrease angle)
  • Upright lie – When the lie angle is greater than the standard angle (shaft needs bent to increase angle)

When your clubs have the wrong lie angle you can be doing everything right but your game will still suffer. This can lead to a lot of head scratching to those unaware of this understandably.

The only way to get this checked is to see a clubfitter for your senior golf clubs. They will verify your measurements and analyze your swing for any anomalies. To truly get the most out of your golf clubs, being aware of this information is essential.

Adjustable hosels are also available albeit but have not been on market for long. These give you the ability to alter the lie angle of your clubs on your own with a little bit of work. Everyone is different and with the help of adjustable hosels each requirement can be met.

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Club head

So we have made it to the bottom of the golf club at the club head in our senior golf clubs. If you are new to golf this must be a lot of information to take in I appreciate. Just take your time to go over the details of the golf club if you need to.

This will allow you to fully understand the components of senior golf clubs. Once you do this you will be ready to decide on what your preferences are to take your game to the next level.

The club head is the part of the club which makes contact with the golf ball. This is where all of the energy is transferred through when you swing your club. It is what will ultimately result in the distance and height the ball travels.

The club head should be given the most attention when selecting a golf club. It will be where most of the value is got from the club. Each manufacturer you will find has designed their club heads with their own trademark specifications. They will also have club heads that cater to every ability so there is no player that is left out.

Due to golf club heads being the most expensive part of the club it is only common sense that we take special care with them. They are the part of the club that makes contact with the club after all. Golf club head covers are a great way to look after your clubs. Damage can occur when clubs hit against each other in the bag.

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Hosel for Golf Clubs and Head Covers-Golf Clubs

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I cannot wait to expand every point about the hosel for golf clubs and head covers-golf clubs that was made in this post at a later date . There is so much more to be discussed and shared. The aim for this website is to improve the lives of others and have fun doing it. What better way to do that than teach people about my passion?

Here is a great video I found that explains what is in a set of golf clubs:

Thank you. Until next time,

– Peter

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