Discount Golf Clubs for Seniors

When I previously wrote that I wanted to share my passion for golf I meant it. Saying that, I believe in accessibility to allow everyone the chance to play the game the way it should be played. This means that I wanted to find the best discount golf clubs for seniors that I could find. That is what I did exactly.

Getting into golf can be a great decision later in life. Whether that is the case for you or you are a seasoned veteran, knowing what to look for in a club is extremely important. Not everyone wants so splash out for a full price club and you shouldn’t have to. Luckily there are options available for those who want a cheaper alternative without sacrificing any quality.

That is where discounted clubs comes into play. With the selection I have lined out for you today there will no longer be the fear of getting a club that doesn’t live up to it’s name. This selection of discount golf clubs for seniors  will guarantee brilliant playing without the high costs.

You shouldn’t feel a need to have to empty your pockets in search of a good club. The finding has been done for you so you don’t have to. Without further a-do, let us continue with Discount Golf Clubs for Seniors.

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Senior Golfer Discounted Clubs

My #1 Pick – Callaway Men’s XR Hybrid

discounted golf clubs for seniorsThis is the perfect golf club for any senior who is looking for one at a discounted price. The senior flex is fantastic quality and it will not go unnoticed on the green. A standout feature is the Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup which raises the ball speed  leading to maximum forgiveness and distance. This is the case even when the shots are off center which is great for seniors.

For the price of the XR Hybrid there is no arguing with how effective it is for golfers looking to improve their game. Another incredible feature is the increased MOI which suits senior golfers perfectly. The weight has been shifted with this new design that creates a super low CG compared to other clubs. Ball speed is generated very well with this hybrid club. This is made possible with the newly revamped Internal Standing Wave. While doing so it still allows for the senior flex to work by providing optimum flex conditions.

Overall I would definitely recommend Callaway Men’s XR Hybrid for any senior who wants to keep hitting amazing shots while getting a club at a great price.

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TaylorMade Men’s R15 Fairway Wood

senior golfer discounted clubsThis is another club with some spectacular features that would go well with any senior golfer. If shot shape is important to you (and it should be) then you will love this club. The 25g sliding weight allows the user to adjust based on their preferences. Doing so allows for the best circumstances for hitting a great shot every time.

The TaylorMade R15 Fairway Wood is a step above other clubs due to the technology behind it. With an included Front Track System shots will get the added benefit of a Speed Pocket effect. The availability of the 4 degree loft sleeve allows  you to dial in your launch conditions. This feature will mean you can tailor shots to your own liking creating the most interactive club yet.

One thing is for sure and that is that shots will be noticeably longer. Along with the sliding weight as mentioned earlier you can make your shots slide or fade for whatever the conditions.

Overall, I would highly recommend the TaylorMade Men’s R15 Fairway Wood for those golfers seeking top quality performance at a reasonable price. If you do choose these clubs, then you will not be disappointed.

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TaylorMade Men’s R15 460 Driver

discounted golf clubs for senior golfersA good golf driver should have all the qualities of the TaylorMade R15 460. This club will add a large amount to your yardage without even trying. If you have been having issues with slicing the ball, then getting the TaylorMade Driver will most certainly help.

An outstanding feature for this club is the inclusion of the sliding split weights. Each weight is 12.5 g giving a whopping 25g in total to utilize. The option to vary your shot to either draw fade or split gives you ultimate control over where the ball goes.

The design of the driver clubhead is very attractive. Not only is it a joy to play with but it is also a joy to look at as well. I couldn’t wait to try out the Fujikura Speeder 57 Evolution shaft for myself and it’s safe to say I wasn’t disappointed.  The addition of the Lamkin UTx grip ensures that as a senior you will never lose your grip. This becomes even more important because as you age taking care of your body becomes even more important.

To finish, I fully recommend the TaylorMade Men’s R15 460 Driver. If you were looking for discount golf clubs for seniors, then you can’t go wrong with this club.

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Discount Golf Clubs for Seniors

That’s it for today’s post I hope you enjoyed it. Here is a great video for senior golfers everywhere.


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