The Best Golf Club Grips & Golf Equipment Shafts

Golf is an ever growing sport with more and more people joining every day. Since this is the case, it is important that we can provide the best advice on what to look out for. Looking for the best golf club grips & golf equipment shafts for seniors can be an extremely enjoyable process due to the sheer level of quality that is on offer.

Everyone has their preference on what clubs they prefer using. The goal with Best Golf Clubs for Seniors is to guide you to help you make the best decision possible. My aim is to have all my readers using the best golf clubs for them.

There are many essential features that must be taken into consideration when searching for the best golf club grips & golf equipment shafts for seniors. We will cover the basic rules first and move onto more specific requirements after.

Golf’s official rules state that the maximum number of clubs that can carried in a game is 14. That is plenty to carry and it gives us a lot of options when it comes to finding the right club for the exact circumstance.

The most standard list of golf clubs consists of a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, iron set, wedge putter. This does not mean that you must stick to this however it is a good baseline to go off of.

To the eyes of an amateur they may look at a golf club and see nothing special. But to me, I see a lot of individual unique parts that combine to create an amazing piece of an equipment. We shall start at the top of the club shall we? This brings us to the grip first.

The best golf equipment shafts and golf grips



This is the rubber material that covers the initial part of the shaft of the club. All grip serves the same purpose in golf and that is for the player to be able to grip the club properly. With the right grip we are at the best possible advantage to be able to play golf at our best. If our grip is too thick or thin then we risk slowing down our progression. At best golf clubs for seniors I believe wholeheartedly that the grip is an essential piece of any golf club.

Grips may all have the same goal at hand but some do it more effectively than others. Grips vary in thickness to suit players particular hand size. That being said most players will find that the standard grip will suit them the best. The standard is ideal for those whose hand measures 7 to 8 3/4 inches from the tip of the middle finger to the wrist crease.

Here are some guidelines along with approximate estimations based on glove size to help:

    • Undersize or junior grip is for a measurement less than 7 inches (Men’s S & Women’s M/L)
    • Standard grip is for a measurement 7-8 3/4 inches (Men’s L/M & Women’s L)
    • Midsize grip is for a measurement 8 1/4 to 9 1/4 inches (Men’s XL glove)
    • Oversize/jumbo grip is for a measurement greater than 9 1/4 inches (Men’s XL glove)

Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip






If you are looking at the best golf club grips & golf equipment shafts be sure to pay attention to the specifics. Those small features can make all the difference. Whatever you need ensure that you get the correct one.

Why grip matters so much

A grip simply is not just a grip. Selecting a grip that is too small will put you at risk of hooking the ball instead of it flying straight. This is as a result of the club twisting and thus causing you to have to tighten your grip. The club will then be squeezed tighter which is not what we want.

A grip that is too large will lead to the club coming loose at the end of the swing towards the bottom. A loose grip will cause the ball to be sliced as opposed to traveling in the right direction had the grip been correct. All these factors are important to consider when looking for the best golf club grips & golf equipment shafts.

Winn Dri-Tac Oversize +18-Inch Grip Kit (13-Piece)


Person, Outside, Grass, Sport, Ball



This is the cylindrical metal shaft upon below the grip. Usually the shaft is either made out of a graphite or metal material. Graphite shafts are a lighter weight than steel shafts which results in ball speed and distance. If you use a steel shaft you will also notice the greater amount of vibrations felt by your hands.

The shaft is a vital piece of a golf club as it determines the degree of flexion from the golf club. The different ‘flexes’ as they are known are based on the speed of the club swing. There are different levels of stiffness and each is signified by a different letter:

Grafalloy ProLaunch 65 Wood R Shaft

  • L – Ladies (consistently drive the ball less than 200 yards)
  • M/A – Senior/Amateur (consistently drive the ball 200-225 yards, most popular among older men)
  • R – Regular (consistently drive the ball 225- 250 yards, most popular)
  • S – Stiff (consistently drive the ball 250 yards, low-mid handicaps)
  • X – Extra Stiff (consistently drive the ball 300 yards, generally pro golfers)

Senior Men will benefit by using the M/A shaft stiffness the most. Senior Ladies will benefit from using the L shaft stiffness. Choosing these options will optimize your playing to the best and most enjoyable golf possible.

Selecting a stiffer club in the hopes it will make you a better player is the wrong way to think about shaft stiffness. It is necessary to select the one that is suited to your swing speed not the speed you want to swing at. This demonstrates the importance of knowing your individual characteristics in relation to the best golf club grips & golf equipment shafts.

Cobra Aldila Dvs-Hl 60 Senior Hybrid Graphite Golf Shafts

The Best Golf Club Grips & Golf Equipment Shafts

So far we have covered the grip and shaft with a lot of detail. Next we will cover the hosel and the clubhead. I cannot wait to continue to guide you through looking at golf clubs for seniors.

Here is a very useful video I found on improving your golf swing:

Until next time, I hope you enjoyed it.

Your friend, Peter.




4 thoughts on “The Best Golf Club Grips & Golf Equipment Shafts”

  1. Hey there! I just went into a golf course with my friends recently and I found golfing is a fun sports. I’m really interested into it and I want to buy a golf club. I don’t know anything about golf clubs luckily I found your article and after I read it I started to learn new things about golf clubs. But I have a question why is that some people has 2 or more golf clubs?

    1. Thanks for commenting John I appreciate it. I love your enthusiasm for learning and I would definitely say it is a good idea to get a set of golf clubs. 

      Well John each course is designed differently and every shot is unique. Therefore there are many different types of clubs for each type of shot. Whether that be a driver for distance or a putter for getting it in the hole they are all important.


  2. Good Day, Peter.

    This is a very informative post on choosing the proper set of golf clubs. I am not a golfer, however, I have a very close friend who is.

    He is constantly wanting me to have a weekend game with him this summer and I believe your blog has finally tipped the scales in his favor.

    I played golf a few times, many years ago, and did not have a pleasant experience. I realize now, that the main reason for this was a poor choice of clubs.

    This Grip and Shaft post is a great help. I look forward to your next post. Thanks.


    1. Hello Paul thank you for commenting. Golf can be an extremely rewarding game to play. I encourage you to give it another try. 

      The friendship that you share can be made so much stronger with a game like golf. I am glad you found it useful and yes these are some facts which people do not know of. 


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