Best Christmas Gifts for Senior Citizens

We all want to treat our loved ones the way they deserve to be treated. That is why the best Christmas gifts for senior citizens is so important. Around this special time of year this becomes even more so. The last month of the year is a time for family and friends. Those who mean the most to us should know how much we value them. There are many ways to show how much you care. One of the most effective ways to do this is to give them a present. Presents come in all shapes and sizes but the most important aspect is the thought behind it. This is what separates something generic from something with true meaning.

Our parents deserve the world. They are the ones who raised us and made us into the people we are in today. With that said it is time to return the favour and make this a holiday season to remember. There are many fantastic present ideas for senior relatives at the moment. I have done quite a lot of hunting over the last few days to come up with the top presents right now. This is perfect timing before the 25th of December. What better way to spend it than by putting a smile on somebody’s face you care about? I would be more than happy to receive any of these presents.

Without further ado let us begin the list! There isn’t long to go until the big day but these presents would be perfect at any time of the year.

Best Present Ideas for Seniors

Best Present Ideas for Seniors

My #1 Pick – Moccamaster KBG 741 10-Cup Coffee Brewer

Everyone loves coffee right? There is nothing better than a perfectly brewed cup on the 25th of December morning. A personal favorite of mine is enjoying a cup while watching the grandchildren open their presents. There really isn’t anything better in my eyes. This amazing coffee machine makes 10 cups which is more than enough for everyone to enjoy. We all know young children like to get up early when Santa arrives. This machine will ensure you have no problems at all with waking up early. In just six minutes you can have a full carafe. High quality coffee is produced every time due to it’s pump action design. Water is kept at a consistent temperature due to a copper boiling material in every product. If you are interested to see how your coffee is made, there is a clear water reservoir. This places you in front seat of the process.

There are eighteen colors to choose from. This means there is a color to fit everyone’s needs. No matter where your coffee machine needs placed, it can look stylish due to the polished silver finish. Tasty cups can be enjoyed from this machine for a long time to come as it has a five year warranty. This gives you the confidence you need to enjoy your brew the right way. It’s reliability and efficiency makes it a great present idea for parents or any senior citizens. One of my personal favorite inclusions is the level of options available to the user. Any kind of roasted coffee blend can be purchased, there is no limit to brand only blends. This allows your personal taste to come to the forefront. It also comes with that all important European Coffee Brewing Centre Approval .

To conclude, This is a product that would be a great present for someone special. It comes highly recommended especially for it’s reliability and premium craftsmanship.


Spornia SPG-5 Golf Practice Net

I couldn’t resist including a present for all those golfing fans out there. When I am not on the course I’m usually playing with my grandchildren, writing on this site or practising my golf. This is one net that really stood out to me. One of the key features is it’s ability to return balls after they are used. This makes it so much easier to practise and improve your game. Having balls returned is great news as it means more energy can be spent on getting better and less on retrieving balls. It also allows for only one ball to be used. This makes it perfect for when you are running low. Many kinds of techniques can be practised on this net. These include putting, chipping and full swings and everything in between.

This net can be used indoor or outdoor making it highly versatile. The target used is large and absorbs the impact of the ball with each shot. The material is durable, allowing you to practise with the peace of mind needed to concentrate. It can also be packed away with no problem at all. Wherever you may be going the golf net can be brought with you. The wide two sided panels acts as a protective mechanism for any missed placed shots. The net is designed to aid your performance. White lines act as guides to help improve accuracy. Over time this will transfer over to better scores on the course. As the net is pop-up this makes for a easy and quick set up. There is no need to spend hours setting up and packing away practice equipment. This is highly inefficient. It is not the case at all with this net. Any relative who is a fan of golf would love this as a present. It is useful and something they could continue to use for years to come.

The Spornia SPG-5 Golf Practice Net is a fantastic piece of golf practise equipment. It is one of the best Christmas gifts for senior citizens out there.


GreatCall Jitterbug Smart Easy-to-Use 5.5” Smartphone for Seniors

This phone was created with those older individuals in mind. As a result of this it comes packed with features to make their life easier and more comfortable. Immediately one of the outstanding inclusions is the 5.5 inch touchscreen. This allows for everyone to be able to read the text. The font is also large so no matter your eye sight, this phone can be used. The layout is simple and a breeze to navigate. On some of the newer smartphones it is far too complicated. I often find myself getting lost in the endless menus and apps. The Jitterbug does not have the same issue due to it’s sleek layout. There is a single list menu with all the apps needed to enjoy. Additional apps can also be downloaded on the app store at your leisure. We all love to capture those special moments and with this phone you can do exactly that. It comes fitted with a 5.0 megapixel camera that produces beautiful images every time. This means they can be cherished for a long time to come.

There area also top of the range health and safety apps on this phone. These will allow you to stay independent and enjoying yourself. The customer service team is extremely helpful which has been proven in their award winning endeavours. One thing that always annoys me about other phones is the tiny battery they have. With the Jitterbug this is no longer the case. By having a durable and long lasting battery, you can be sure your phone will be there whenever it is needed. The speaker is also loud to take into account anyone with hearing difficulties. This makes phone conversations very enjoyable. It also ensure you will never miss a phone call. If typing is not your favorite activity then don’t worry. There is a voice typing feature that allows you hands free control of your messages.

The GreatCall Jitterbug Smart Easy-to-Use 5.5” Smartphone for Seniors is an ideal present for any loved one out there. It provides safety and comfort all-in-one.


Thanks again, talk soon


2 thoughts on “Best Christmas Gifts for Senior Citizens”

  1. My parents are seniors and I especially like the phone option. I had no idea that you could get a smartphone specifically for seniors. It’s always been challenging to get my dad to use a cellphone. I think this is the answer!
    I already missed Christmas this year but his birthday is coming up.
    Do you know more about the health and safety apps for the phone? That sounds intriguing…

    1. Hello Amy and thanks for commenting. It sounds like the phone would be a perfect fit for your dad. The health and safety apps are designed to offer the best protection and safety around.

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