Adams Golf Clubs for Seniors

There are a certain criteria that must be met when choosing a golf club as a senior. When looking for your next pick, adams golf clubs for seniors should be up at the top of your list. Golf, like any other sport brings with it the risk of injury. The process of aging increases this risk because as we age our flexibility and strength has the tendency to decrease.

With that said, it would be unwise to golf like a young adult. Doing so will only lead to more time on the sideline and less time on the green. I am sure nobody wants that. Believe me I had experienced it and it was not fun. That was before I actually started to take care of my body and learn what was best for it. After researchers safer practices I realized that the club I choose to golf with really did matter.

Adams golf clubs for seniors have a great selection of golf clubs which accommodate for all seniors. With the right club in your hand you can begin to enjoy playing golf again. It is a true relief when you no longer have to worry about whether you have the right club. With the selection displayed here there is a perfect pick for everyone.

Adams golf clubs for seniors truly care about their customer base and it is not hard to see with their stellar options available.

Senior adams golf clubs

Adams Senior Golf Clubs

My #1 Pick – Adams Tight Lies Hybrid

hybrid golf club for seniorsA tight lie hybrid truly worth having. An outstanding feature is the dual slot design which continues on from the 2015 Fairway edition. The ghost slot technology is also a next level add on. It does exactly what it is supposed to do, keep hidden. The crown slot remains hidden because of it but that does not mean it is not just as effective. Ball speeds are still raised to a high level to compete with any other club similar.

This club is perfect off the light rough or fairway between 135 to 155 yards. With a fantastic degree of forgiveness the Adams tight lies hybrid ensures your shots will go where you intend them to. The tri level sole will be of great service also. With it, the connection with the turf is severely lessened. As a result of this, any kind of lie is much better handled with this club when compares with others. A wider area for impact is created with the extremely low profile of the club that also was designed upside down for added benefit. When those tough shots come along, the difference with this is definitely noticeable.

To summarize, I highly recommend that Adams tight lies hybrid for all the seniors out there. Getting the number one spot wasn’t easy but it certainly earned its place.

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Adams New Idea Hybrid Irons Set (3H-5H, 6-PW)

adams golf club set for seniorsUsually I recommend individual clubs but this time it had to be different. This set stood out to me due to how well it has been crafted from start to finish. Each club in this hybrid irons set has added wraparound slot technology. After trying it am sure most senior would be pleased with the results. Shots are a lot cleaner and accuracy is improved. This will allow you to enjoy your golf more and get rid of those avoidable errors. The area of the sweet spot is greatly expanded in the current design. Seniors will appreciate this due to the shot enhancement effects.

Another stand out piece on this club set is the inclusion of the three 8-PW scoring irons. On top of the rest of the set, these clubs will allow players to concentrate on the shot at hand. Approaches to dial in shots will be much easier and thus allow your true golfing ability to shine. The hybrid swing will let every shot be simplified. This makes the grip less of a hassle to handle which will be great news to everyone.

Overall I highly recommend the Adams New Idea Hybrid Irons Set (3H-5H, 6-PW) for any senior looking for a complete set to take their game to the next level.

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Adams Golf Men’s Blue Driver RH

adams golf clubsMy favorite Adam’s driver and it isn’t hard to see why. As seniors swing speed decreases as they age it is important to adapt your game as well. The SlimTech shaft accommodates this. Seniors need a lighter shaft to compensate for the decrease in speed and this does exactly that. Each drive will go much father because of this and give you that much needed distance. The Easy Launch System demonstrates this in action. With this, more are is given with every swing.

The Velocity Slot Technology will give every senior that much needed flex. This is required as a senior due to the drop in flexibility with age. With the velocity slot technology the flex will compensate for any lack in movement. The face of the club is also widened to give a much higher percentage of successful shots. Add on the low center of gravity (CG) and you have an amazing club that gives great spin and speed.

To conclude I would recommend this club to all seniors. A driver that covers all its requirements is a must have and the Adams Golf Men’s Blue Driver RH does exactly that.

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Adams Golf Clubs for Seniors

This was my list on the best Adams Golf Clubs for Seniors out there at the moment. If you want to practice your drive then I have found the perfect video for you.


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